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Dental Centar Milešić

Prosthodontics - prothetic dentistry


Fixed prosthetics and mobile prosthetics are a field of dental medicine whose primary goal is projecting and construction of prostheses thereby considering the following facts: functionality


Skin care


Implantology is a branch of dentistry which implants dental implant into the maxillary or mandibulary bone. Today it is almost impossible to imagine seriuos dentstry without implantology. By inserting implnats…



Oral surgery

Oral surgery is one of the specialistic  areas of dental medicine. It consists of a number of surgical interventions  and  the most  frequent are : extraction of teeth, surgical extraction…


Mobile prosthodontics

When the situation in the oral cavity is such that fixed prostheses are not feasible,
dental medicine offers the possibility of removable or combined works.

Removable prostheses - dentures can be total or partial. While total dentures are exclusively made of acrylic, partial dentures can be made of two types of material: acrylic or wiron (with metal base).

Combined works, also known as semi fixed dentures, involve those that are only partially fixed in the mouth, while the remaining part of the prosthesis is removable and must be regularly removed for oral hygiene.

The combined works is a solid solution where the situation found in the oral cavity cannot be solved by implantology.

Dental Milesic

Dental Milesic - center of dental medicine for aesthetic dentistry and implantology is located in two beautiful turistic places on Adriatic Coast- Rogoznica i Okrug Gornji.
We are situated near Airport Kastela wich makes us suitable for dental tourisam.
Combine your holiday with proper dental service and returne home with new georgeus smile.
We offer you same services that you allready use at yours dentist same Euorpean standard but with favorable prices.
Our team of dentists and dental assistents will kindly and professionaly advise you and answer all your questions.

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